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Hon Frank Tayali  wrote;
Ministers of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Garry Nkombo and Minister of Transport and Logistics, Hon. Frank Tayali have held a meeting with stakeholders to resolve the crisis in the transport sector, bus stations and trading spaces.
Mr. Nkombo said government has began to enforce provisions of the Market and Bus Station Act.
The meeting which was held at Lusaka City Council, attracted stakeholders from RTSA, Bus owners, Drivers’ associations, and the Police.
He said the meeting resolved to bring sanity to the sectors.
Some of the changes to be implemented included;
1. Enforce the existing law regarding the sectors
2. Champion behavioural change among drivers, bus owners and commuters.
3. Enforce Rule of Law regarding contravening traffic regulations especially in the Central Business District (CBD).
4. Decree that all buses load and offload at designated bus stops and bus stations.
5. That all car dealers and car repairers, must relocate immediately from the CBD to designated areas outside town.
6. Shop owners must only offload merchandise, goods and groceries, after 18hrs. Further the shop owners must use alley or service lanes for such purpose.
7. Drivers and operators to immediately go back to their stations of operation.
8. Buses that were chased for political reasons must return immediately to their areas of operations and be given equal opportunities.
9. Further those earlier ejected for political reasons, from markets and other trading spaces to go back immediately.
10. Village Banking Concept (Ichilimba) being conducted in the trading spaces to be regulated under the Local Authority and the Ministry of Community Development. The initiative will purely be voluntary without consequences for those wishing not to join. The players must register under the Ministry of Community Development.
11. Illegal taxi operators must register and those not regulated will be removed from taxi ranks. A month has been given for these taxis to be regularised.
12. Install Waste disposal or receptacles on all buses
13. All the drivers must ensure that they validate PSV driver’s licence. The case where drivers operate buses without the licence, has been recognised as a serious offence. One month has been given for drivers to regularise.

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