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A governance expert in Solwezi John Kalusa has observed that the Office of the District Commissioner will always be occupied by cadres because it is a political connection between the Republican President and the district.
Mr. Kalusa states that it is not possible to do away with the office because it is a political office which has a direct link to the President.
He said when one is out side the governance system they may see that it is not worth it, but that once they come inside that’s when they get to know its use and importance.
He said the appointing authority has realised their importance hence appointing the district commissioners.
“And that is why when you take stock of those that have been appointed as DCs in all the 116 districts, you will find that they are all politicians, cadres in short,” said Mr. Kalusa.
He mentioned that the office is a purely a political office and that people should not cheat themselves that the office bearers are civil servants.
“And you cannot blame the appointing authority because that’s how the system has been designed,” he said.
Prior to the August 12 general election, the UPND whilst in opposition indicated that it appoint professional civil servants to the office of DC.
Last week, secretary to cabinet released the list of district commissioners for all the 116 districts.

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