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They have been identified as the new wave and have so far done as much to attract some of Zambia’s top music talent.

Rapper Slapdee once described them as a pair with ‘Creativity Overflow’ when they released the audio and video of the song ‘ Pause’ early this year.

Penzaboy Management’s Ikko Ace and Muko are back with some summer vibes in a song called ‘ Shelela’.

On this track, the duo has continued on its usual path of taking Zambian music on the international platform.

‘Shelela’ meaning skid, in Zambia is synonymous with seasoned singer Hamoba, and out of respect the duo, has sampled a line from Hamoba’s celebrated classic, ‘ Shelela’ produced by TK.

Of course, the duo has done a completely different tune, sampling from Hamoba gives the new single some historical reference.

The new song comes with a modern touch, nicely crafted rap with dedicated vocals.
Written by Muko and Ikko Ace, ‘ Shelela’ has a special love feel with a soothing melody. The song is available on various music platforms.

It is real proof that Penzaboy is fulfilling its aim of promoting local musicians based in Zambia to the international market.

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