Patriots for Economic Progress
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THE Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) says it has resolved to hold a series of street protests against the appointment of Situmbeko Musokotwane as Finance Minister by President Hakainde Hichilema. PeP president Sean Tembo said the primary basis of their proposed street protests was that Dr. Musokotwane did not posses the requisite credibility and integrity, having been at the center of various scandals during his tenure as Finance Minister under the former President Rupiah Banda’s administration.

Mr. Tembo alleged that scandals included the sell of Zamtel which was a national asset, to Lapgreen of Lybia, purchase of non-functional mobile hospitals at an exaggerated cost among others were some of the
factors that President Hichilema should put into consideration and rescind his decision.

“As Patriots for Economic Progress we strongly believe that it is wrong for President Hichilema to put at the center of his administration people whose hands are soiled. It must be noted that a Minister of Finance is not only a senior member of cabinet but is liable for all the decisions taken by a cabinet, under the principle of collective responsibility,” he said.

He said PeP would not condone taking the country back to the days of corruption and economic mismanagement adding that Zambians had just graduated from a very corrupt and incompetent Government.
Mr. Tembo further said he did not expect the new UPND Government to give the country another dose of corruption and incompetence so quickly as it deserved some reprieve.

He further advised President Hichilema to consider constituting his team of Presidential Advisors before proceeding to make any further cabinet or related appointments. Mr. Tembo said in the absence of a team of official Presidential Advisors to help refine decisions and widen the horizon of choices, the President was prone to mistakes.

He appealed to the various civil society as well as democracy and good governance activists who provided checks and balances during the PF administration to wake up from their slumber and continue to provide
checks and balances to the current administration immediately.


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