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Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Banda says he will soon embark on an infrastructure programme to upgrade school infrastructure in his constituency.

He has bemoned lack of development in many schools which he says requires urgent attention.

He explained in an interview with New Zambia that Petauke has about 67 schools which unfortunately operate without basic school amenities such as desks and other important furniture.

He says over 80% of pupils learn without desks and other important educational infrastructure.

Mr Banda says it is sad that in this time and era, pupils can be learning while seated on the floor due to lack of infrastructure.

“We have over 67 schools in Petauke, but children have to sit on the floor to learn because there are no desks in the classrooms” he disclosed.

He has since assured that the programme to equip schools with desks and other important furniture has already started, with 200 desks already secured and worked on.

He says he targets the beginning of next year to have all the issues of school infrastructure sorted out.

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