Zambians will remember the PFZambians will remember the PF
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The opposition Patriotic Front PF has accused Zambia Police officers of being biased and unprofessional.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Lusaka today  party Vice president Given Lubinda expressed shock that the police have traded their professionalism overnight.

According to him, police are refusing to entertain victims of alleged torture against party members by suspected UPND members saying the police are telling them that, that’s what they also used to do to their colleagues while they were in government.

Mr. Lubinda said the police must realise that they are there to serve all citizens regardless of political affiliation.

The PF has also disclosed that police officers are harassing, party members on the roads questioning them about the cars they are driving.

He explained that several PF members are being pulled over to prove ownership of the car (s) they are driving.

Mr. Lubinda has further, asked the international community to take keen interest in what he allege human rights abuses in Zambia by the ruling UPND.

Meanwhile Mr. Lubinda has defended his party’s non show up at the church organised prayers on Sunday held at the Cathedral of the holy Cross.

Mr. Lubinda explains that his party did not see it fit to be part of the event considering that most of its members are still on the run while others are being memed under the watch of the same church.

He further explained that his party could not be part and parcel of the prayers especially that the event was organised by church mother bodies that discredited the PF while in government.

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