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The Patriotic Front (PF) says it is unacceptable for US President Joe Biden to say that Zambians voted out the PF due to corruption.

Patriotic Front Vice President Given Lubinda has charged that the US President has no right whatsoever to make such a comments unless he tells Zambians that he had sent his team to investigate activities in the country.

He was speaking when he featured on Friday’s edition of the Let the People Talk program on Radio Phoenix.

Mr Lubinda said his party has since written to the US Embassy in Zambia to express its displeasure over Mr. Biden’s comments.

Hon. Lubinda stated that Mr. Biden should realise that the American democracy is not the best in the world and should instead thank Zambia for teaching America democracy.

“Biden did not receive the instruments of power from his predecessor, his predecessor shunned the inauguration,” Hon. Lubinda said.

“President Lungu, what did he do? He went and handed over the instruments of authority, tell me who the true democrats are?” He added.

The PF Vice President charged that it is a mockery for Americans to claim that they are a 200 years democracy when they cannot accept election results.

Hon. Lubinda further said it is unacceptable for Mr. Biden to label the PF as corrupt.

“Look at the shambolic elections they had, and they call themselves a democracy? No, Joe Biden must be made to seat where he is supposed to seat,” Hon Lubinda stated.

He further said Mr. Biden should instead focus on dealing with issues affecting America instead of becoming a Police force of the world.

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