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A Patriotic Front member in North western province Herald Zholomi has appealed to government to extend the fight against corruption to the private sector as well as the trade unions movement.

Mr. Zholomi who is former provincial vice youth chairman said in an interview that security wings, especially the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) should not just concentrate on probing public institutions and politicians but also private institutions.

He stated that there is rampant corruption in the private sector especially when it comes to the awarding of contracts and employment.

He said the trend has been in existence for sometime now which he said needs to be curtailed.

“We have seen this trend for sometime now, and that is why the UPND government should quickly extend its crusade against corruption to the private sector,” said Mr. Zholomi.

In union, Mr. Zholomi said there is a serious cartel which he said has led to the labour movement becoming compromised.

He said most unions are failing to carryout their mandate because of corruption which is rampant in the sector.

“Unions are compromised and that is why they fail to represent their members well when it comes to bargaining.

“So, the earlier sanity is brought to the Union the better for the employees as well as the country,” he said.

He however mentioned that the probing should be done in a systematic manner so that at the end of the day, tangible results are attained.

He said Zambian people are tired of actions which do not yield any results.

“We are not saying that now there be with hunt, no!! Investigations should be done thoroughly before one is brought before the courts law,” he said.

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