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Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says he will resign from his position.

He says this is in an effort to rebrand the party and appoint new members to take over leadership at various positions, after suffering election defeat to the UPND.

He says positions of the president, secretary general and national chairperson will have new members after the convention which will be held soon in accordance with article 52 of the party constitution.

Speaking during a press briefing today, Mr. Mwila said the party will continue under new leadership as part of the rebranding process.

Mr. Mwila who said he is retiring to venture into farming told journalists that the transition process to look for people with fresh ideas has already started.

He therefore said party national chairperson Mr. Samuel Mukupa party president Edgar Lungu and himself who have all offered to leave will still remain members.

“Whatever goes up must come down. No one is there forever”, he emphasized and called on the party to start looking for people to fill up positions.

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