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Former Patriotic Front North western province vice youth chairman Herold Zholomi says it is high time the former ruling party members rejected politics of pettiness if it is to remain relevant to Zambia’s politics.

Mr. Zholomi has also observed that there is need for the party leadership to foster collective responsibility in order to turn the economic fortunes of the country which is being pursued by the UPND government.

He said the people of Zambia will only respect the PF as a credible opposition party if they can see a clear manifestation of a positive feeling of remorse over its past wrongs and also if the PF respected the people’s choice of leadership to govern the country for the next five years.

“And the earlier PF the realises this the better for it because that’s the only way it will realign its approach to providing the necessary checks and balances to the ruling government,” said Mr. Zholomi.

He said politics of self preservation, bitterness and manipulation which is being exhibited by PF Members of Parliament in parliamentary debates will not help the PF in its rebranding agenda.

He stated that Parliamentary debates should not focus on the promises all political parties made during the campaigns but on economic recovery.

“And now that the PF have lost power, its not time to be sad but use the loss as an opportunity to gain more wisdom and learn lessons, this is what can make PF to stand a chance to regain power in future and not to continue with being arrogant and unremorseful,” he said.

He mentioned how the party will reflect on its past wrongs and attitudes and react to new challenges in conducting opposition political party politics will determine the success rate for it’s rebranding, rebuilding and reviving program.

He also called on stakeholders to give chance to the UPND government to put in place proper and pragmatic resource mobilization measures so that the country is able to finance it’s socio-economic programs sustainably.

He said the success of the UPND economic recovery programs will be a collective success provided the opposition do the correct things by implementing proper checks and balances aimed at accelerating economic recovery.


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