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The police have not only gunned down three armed criminals but also recovered a vehicle and an AKA 47 which they intended to use at a robbery in Matero’s Lilanda area last night.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga told journalists at a media briefing that the police that rushed to the scene of crime after a tip off by members of the public prevented the intended crime from taking place.

He said after receiving information from the public that criminals wanted to stage robbery, the police rushed to scene where there was a heavy exchange of gun fire.

He said of the five criminals that e4re found at a scene, three were killed and two are still at large.

He aave asked the communities that might be missing their relatives to come and identify those gunned down at UTH mortuary where the bodies of the gunned down criminals are deposited to await identification.

He said the police have drawn a battle line with the criminals and are under instructions to shooting to kill those unrepentant criminals.

He said two of the five criminal that survived the shooting are still on the run and have asked the community to give them information of their were about.

He warned criminals to committed crimes at own peril saying the police will not hesitate to kill those committing robbery at will.

He also asked the people that still have arms to return their them to the police under the amnesty.

He said the guns on the streets are the ones being used by criminal to committee criminal activities.

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