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Police have withdrawn a call out issued to PF senior official Chishimba Kambwili to appear at Woodlands Police Station.

Mr. Kambwili is in Eastern Province to drum up support for the PF Kaumbwe Constituency Parliamentary Candidate Dr. Aaron Mwanza ahead of the October 21, 2021 by election.

Sources say police in Petauke were instructed to arrest Mr. Kambwili and PF Member of the Central Committee (MCC) in charge of Information and Publicity Raphael Nakachinda and detain them until Tuesday to pave way for free campaigns for the Vice President Mutale Nalumango who is scheduled to be in Petauke for the entire weekend.

“They intend to detain them without bond so that they can not continue with campaigns for the remaining days,” the source said.

“This is against the public pronouncements made by President Hakainde Hichilema who has been “preaching” that suspects should not be detained for bondable offenses,” the source added.

Yesterday, police in Lusaka delivered a call out at Mr. Kambwili’s residence in Woodlands in a bid to pull him out of the Petauke campaign.

Mr. Kambwili advised the police on phone that he would only be in Lusaka on Sunday and police withdrew the call out further informing people at his residence that police in Eastern Province would deal with the matter.

However, the duo have continued with their campaigns in Kaumbwe Constituency and Lusangazi respectively unbothered.

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