Senior Chief Kopa of the Bisa PeopleSenior Chief Kopa of the Bisa People
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Senior Chief Kopa of the Bisa speaking people of Kanchibiya District has implored Zambians to support the vision of President Hakainde Hichilema, of wanting to see a Zambia in which one’s tribe is never a factor any more.

Chief Kopa said under the ‘new dawn’ Government, Zambians should make the country a truly unitary State devoid of tribalism, which took a centre stage in last month’s general elections.

The traditional leader also encouraged Zambians to support the efforts of the new dawn Government in upholding the tag of nationalism and ensure that the unity of purpose thrives in the country.

He was speaking recently when he paid a courtesy call on Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Gary Nkombo, at his office.

“We need to support our Republican President, Mr Hichilema’s vision of wanting to see a Zambia in which one’s tribe is never a factor anymore. I am happy the appointment of Cabinet ministers represents all provinces which promote national unity and we should be proud of,”Chief Kopa said.

He told the minister that traditional leaders in Muchinga province were happy that President Hichilema appointed what he described as a tribal-balanced Cabinet with representation from all the 10 provinces.

Chief Kopa said he was hopeful that a united Zambia would empower every citizen, regardless of tribe, to have equal access to empowerment funds, employment opportunities and other basic services.

And in response, Mr Nkombo assured Chief Kopa that the ‘new dawn’ administration was promoting an open door policy and would embrace divergent views from stakeholders including traditional leaders.

The Minister said the Government would live by its name to promote unity and continue to work with chiefs because they played a critical role to preserve the nation’s traditions and culture.

“I assure you that the Government will work with traditional leaders in the country because they are closer to communities and understand the local people’s needs,” Mr Nkombo said.

He said President Hichilema would remain focused at improving the livelihood of Zambians and deliver a better Zambia for every citizen to be proud of.

This is according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Local Goverment and Rural Development public relations officer Chila Namaiko.

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