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Artiste Bryan Lyamba musically known as Xris Bryan has advised that it is important to put partners above everything in a relationship.

Speaking in an interview to explain his latest single ‘Banono’ dedicated specifically to his wife Bupe, the singer said he had recorded the new song in secrecy and wanted it to be a special surprise for his wife whom he married last month.

” ‘Banono’ is real life experience,” he reveals.
“I recorded it in secrecy to be a surprise for my wife on our wedding. As you know, music is my biggest way of expressing whatever it is I am feeling.
I decided to do it so I could perform it for our wedding last month but due to COVID-19 restrictions, I couldn’t perform it so I decided to release it and dedicate to my wife now.”
He said this was all in an effort to appreciate her because It is important to put one’s partner above everything in life.
” It is also dedicated to everyone who values their partner and puts them first in everything despite the disturbances that may arise,” he said, adding that since marrying, he is enjoying full responsibility of being a husband.

“I have to now mind what I am doing, is it something to please my partner. It’s my responsibility now to be accountable to my wife,” he added.

‘Banono’ is a special love song with a typical Bryan vocal strength. It talks about how he is appreciating his wife for being among a few (banono) to make him complete.
It is a good and emotional song for the those who are deeply in love. The song is available on various social media music platforms.

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