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Ndola Teaching Hospital’s Dental Department recently conducted a rare Surgery on a female patient from North-Western province, who presented with a case of a severe gum swelling known as a Pregnancy Epulis or “Pregnancy Tumour”, which occurs as a severe response to debris left on the teeth. A condition that is most often common among expecting mothers who start to develop swelling on the gums.

Pregnancy Epulis or pregnancy Tumour occurs due to Hormonal changes during pregnancy which causes an increased inflammatory response to plaque and other irritants, which in turn causes the development of the Epulis.

The patient also underwent surgical excision (cutting) of the lesion (growth) and cleaning of any underlying bony defect. The affected teeth were also removed and will be replaced with dentures.

The patient has since been discharged and is recovering well.

The Surgical team included Head of department Dr.K.J Kamina- (Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial surgery), Dr. Lukulula Enock Mwanza (Senior Dental Surgeon, Deputy HOD Oral and Maxillofacial surgery Unit) Dr. Margaret Chipofya – Intern Dental Surgeon & Mrs. Annie Chomba -Dental Assistant.


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