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A United Party for National Development (UPND) member in Solwezi Amos Mpenge has proposed the need to decentralise some boards and commissions that are being dissolved.

Mr. Mpenge who is UPND Solwezi District Secretary said he is of a view that the boards that are being dissolved can have national, provincial and district boards.

Mr. Mpenge said the logic behind his views are to have the board’s structured in a decentralised manner because most of the most of operations for parastatal and quasi-government institutions are only controlled from the top yet most of the critical operations are done at provincial and district levels.

He said the current system structure, having the institutions run from a centralised posture results in inefficiencies and bureaucratic red tape which spring opportunities for corruption.

“Now to avoid and reduce on the bureaucracy, these boards need to be devolved up to the district level. And subsequently, it will speed up the delivery of services as well as provide an oversight at the district level,” said Mr. Mpenge.

He said there has been a lot of bureaucracy corruption in most institutions in the manner they are managed because of being centralised.

He has also called on the need to balance the composition for members of the boards in terms of tribe and region.
He said the compositions of most boards have not been well balanced.


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