UPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman Wallen HinyamaUPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman Wallen Hinyama
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As Copperbelt Youth Chairman Wallen Hinyama warns selfish previous “Black Mountain” operators.

Copperbelt Youth Chairman Wallen Hinyama has warned individuals sponsoring confusion and fake rumors about current operations at Kitwe’s Black Mountain.

The Provincial Youth Chairman told media houses today that there are few “selfish” and “greedy” individuals who worked on the black mountain previously and are currently trying by all means to sabotage the gains of the New Dawn Administration under the leadership of his H.E Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.
Mr. Hinyama added that the President has not gone the way of empowering only one or two families like in the previous “Black Mountain” operations but has included everyone who needs to mine.

The Youth Chairman said “the government and our Republican President H.E Mr Hakainde Hichilema have given the slag to youths, local community groups and women groups which is an inclusive empowerment for every Citizen who desires to be involved”.

The Copperbelt Youth Chairman also said within the Citizens who desire to mine some UPND members and opposition political parties are also included in the inclusive empowerment “Black Mountain” program as they are also Citizens of this Nation.

Mr. Hinyama also stated that some opposition elements with their friends who selfishly enjoyed “Black Mountain” proceeds are jealous of the inclusive “Black Mountain” empowerment program and are working day and night to sabotage this progressive move by the Government and it’s Party Leaders.

The Provincial Youth Chairman encouraged Zambians and other stakeholders to ignore these Angels of doom and their sponsors as the UPND Government is working hard every second to better the lives of all Zambians and one way is through the black mountain empowerment program.
Mr. Hinyama added that many economic indicators are currently pointing towards a boom and those doing economic forecasting are saying the “Black Mountain” empowerment program will have a positive economic spill over effect to other Provinces in Zambia due to its inclusiveness nature.

Mr. Hinyama further appealed to all media houses to be factual in their reporting.
The Copperbelt Youth Chairman added that him and the UPND Government respect the roles media play as a fourth estate as he asked for professionalism in coverage.

Mr. Hinyama said the current insults being showered on leaders is unacceptable and has since called on institutions mandated to handle and enforce cyber laws and any of such unlawful acts to protect our leaders from such insults coming from selfish individuals with bad intentions.
The Copperbelt Youth Chairman added that the party Youths are also available to put a stop to this behavior from the opposition should the issue require political solution as their number one function is to protect leaders at all times.

Mr. Hinyama concluded by saying that the empowerment is for all Youths, All Women in Mining and the Community and therefore, those with selfish agenda must not be entertained anymore especially that operations have started today.
He has also advised Youths not to be cheated by these elements of doom but to focus on their empowerment.

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