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About 32 Boxes containing anti-malarial drugs have been stolen from Mundanya health facility in Manyinga district.

Meanwhile, a person has been apprehended in connection with the stolen drugs.

According to North western province deputy commissioner of police Dr. Fred Mulenga, the incident is believed to have occurred on Tuesday around 19 hours.

Dr. Mulenga said the health facility was broken into by unknown persons and they stole Artemether, sold under the brand name Coartem an anti-malaria drug.

“Police in Manyinga recorded a case in which some unknown persons broke into Mundanya clinic and went away with anti-malarial drugs,” said Dr. Mulenga.

Dr. Mulenga however revealed that officers in district managed to recover 25 boxes of the drugs and apprehended one suspect who he identified as Kaumba Kapalu aged 21 of Mundanya village.

He has warned criminal minded individuals that the police service is in high alert during this festival period and that it will not leave any stone unturned in curbing crime.

“We are aware of some intentions by some criminal minded individuals to abuse the festive period, but what they should know is that we have reinforced measures to counter all criminal activities in the region,” he said.


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