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Zambian artiste Tanonga Nswana famously called T-Bwoy says he is happy with the feedback he got from revelers in Dallas, United States of America where he recently held a gig.

The artiste who amazed the guests with his dedicated all-live music performance said he was proud to learn he had become the second artiste in secular music to do a live music performance there.

Sharing his experience of his first performance with a live band there, T-Bwoy said he is motivated to do more live shows.
” I wanted to do a live performance because, a lot of times people diss us Zambian musicians that we can’t do live performances,” he said.

“Even if we had limited time, I sacrificed my time to travel from Florida to Dallas to go and perform. I just wanted to prove a point that we can do a lot of great things if we have the chance.”

And T-Bwoy said Zambian artistes must be brave to play with a live band.
“The message I have for Zambian artistes is, sometimes, let’s just be brave and tell the promoters what we want,” he said.

“I was told that this was the second ever live function done by a Zambian musician, may be gospel artistes do this but by a Zambian secular artiste, this was the second ever live show.”

“The first person that did a live show here was Danny in 2006 or so.”

“The money wasn’t a lot but I had to put in a lot. And thanks a lot to Mr. Ricky, a Zambian based here, is the one that facilitated all this you know, he said let’s do this together,” T-Bwoy said .

And the artiste who is also working on new music added that he is yet to release a new album.

“I’m going to release music here (USA). I’m just waiting for playlisting. My album was done some time in July,” T- Bwoy said.

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