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tour of  Solwezi Trades Training Institute
tour of Solwezi Trades Training Institute

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Brenda Tambatamba says her Ministry has a vast role to play in identifying skills that are relevant in the Labour market through visitation of tertiary institutions.

Ms. Tambatamba said this during the tour of Solwezi Trades Training Institute (SOTTI) together with her counterpart Minister of Technology and Science, Hon. Felix Mutati.

Ms. Tambatamba noted that this is a logical step especially that the two Ministers launched the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centre in Kasempa, and now Solwezi Trades Training Institute will be the next stop for those who will be graduating from the STEM centre in her constituency.

At the same event, the Minister thanked Kansanshi Coppers Mines for setting up a facility such as Kwambula Workshop with high technology equipment at the Institute where students will find an opportunity to practice their skills.

Ms. Tambatamba highlighted that her ministry is known for industrial harmony and yet it goes beyond that as it is also responsible for promoting employment and productivity both in public and private organisations in the country.

She added that it is for this reason that the tour is necessary in fulfilling the mandate by visiting and learning the operations of this vocational tertiary learning institute.

“I see an opportunity, a step the next level where some of those students in Kasempa who will go through that facility have got the next stop shop to come to SOTTI where we have got beyond what can be imagined for a normal rural institution.” She said.

And meeting the members of staff at the institute, the Minister was glad that there is a presence of a union helping employees in the bargaining processes and providing worker education to its employees.

The Minister advised that unionism must be encouraged in an institution as employees find it easier to express themselves.

She has since appealed to employees to be more productive and innovative if the country’s economic status has to change.

Speaking at the same event, Hon. Mutati noted that he is looking into the issues of facilitating modernisation in all the trade institutions with infrastructure development.

He added that it is only through this development that with modern equipment will guarantee more students access to tertiary education.

The Minister disclosed that through the engagement of the two ministries with Kansanshi Copper Mines that SOTTI has been given a contract to supply the Mine with 2000 desks.

Hon. Mutati appealed for this collaboration to continue amongst key stakeholders in Government and the private sector for the betterment of trade schools.

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