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A governance and human rights activist says the UPND Government has played a crucial role in implementing policy interventions to mitigate the economic challenges affecting Zambians.

In a recent statement, Dr. Noel Chisebe emphasized that without these policy measures, the country would be grappling with severe issues, including increased educational barriers, higher unemployment, reduced community development, increased poverty, and decreased economic mobility.

The government’s free education policy has been instrumental in ensuring that students can access learning without the burden of school fees.

He said without this initiative, many students would likely struggle to afford education, resulting in higher dropout rates and limited future opportunities.

“Employment initiatives by the UPND government have also aimed to create jobs and reduce unemployment. Without these efforts, the unemployment rate would likely surge, exacerbating poverty and economic instability” he said.

He added that Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which supports local projects, has been pivotal in community development and infrastructure growth.

Dr. Chisebe warned that without this fund, the progress in these areas would slow significantly.

He said social cash transfers have provided a safety net for vulnerable households, preventing a deeper plunge into poverty and ensuring access to basic needs like food, healthcare, and shelter.

“The absence of these transfers would likely worsen poverty and inequality,” he said.

Dr. Chisebe added that these programs are essential to alleviating the cost of living and improving the overall well-being of Zambians.

He urged critics to consider the positive impact of the UPND government’s interventions and to recognize that President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration still has two years left to fulfill its promises.

He called on citizens to give the UPND a chance to continue its efforts in building the economy, noting that the government inherited significant challenges, including high debt, corruption, unemployment, low CDF, and the lack of free education.

In conclusion, Dr. Chisebe asserted that it is unfair to claim that the UPND has failed, given the progress made under difficult circumstances. He reiterated the importance of ongoing support for the government’s initiatives to ensure continued improvement in the country’s economic and social landscape.

Curtis Slimar
Author: Curtis Slimar

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