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THE Prisoner Reintegration and Empowerment Organization (PREO) has called for a reformed justice system and social reintegration of ex inmates.

PREO Executive Director Derrick Malumo said that it is no longer debatable that Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) is undergoing reformation to completely switch off from punishment to corrections and reformation.

Mr. Malumo said that ZCS is not only mandated to ensure safe custody of inmates and their corrections but also their after care needs social reintegration into society.

He suggested that the new government should listen to calls for increased funding to the correctional service for them to effectively and efficiently manage aftercare services for ex-inmates and the provision of extension officers in an effort that they could be able to make house calls and visit families of inmates before they are actually released to know the environment they are being released in to.

Mr. Malumo explained that ex-inmates just like any other citizen needed employment, soft loans, shelter, educational sponsorship and internships.

He said that the government should ensure that ex-inmates enjoyed the benefits of participating in the democratic process by voting hence they have higher expectations from the “New Dawn” government.

“We look forward to the government establishing halfway houses as temporary shelter for stranded ex-inmates as we locate their relatives in case of those who can’t trace their relatives,” he said.

Meanwhile CELIM has partnered with Prisoners Future Foundation and Prisoner Empowerment Reintegration Organization to implement a project named “Rehabilitation and Reintegration of offenders for a sustainable growth.”

CELIM project assistant officer Marcelino Kambani said that the project is aimed at six correction facilities in Mazabuka, Mumbwa, Kaoma, Mongu, Kalabo, Senenga and Nakambala approved school reformatory for juveniles.

Mr. Kambani said that the project co-founded by the European Union started in January 2019 and will end in January 2022.

He explained that the aim of the project is to provide a conducive environment for the target inmates for their reintegration in to society.

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