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Three traditional leaders in Mansa have met with the local authority to discuss developmental issues that border on the welfare of the district.

Their Royal Highnesses Chief Mabumba, Chief Kalasa Lukangaba and Chief Chimese met the new Mansa mayor Njikho Musuku at their respective palaces to discuss the agenda for the district.

Some of the key issues discussed included efforts to cooperate with the traditional leaders, the need to expand the township boundary and management of illegal and unplanned buildings in order for the council to open up roads and provide easy access to and from places of interest.

Other issues discussed was the urgent need to have a new burial site in each of three highways namely Samfya, Chembe and Nchelenge roads, as the already existing council cemetery is almost full.

Allocation of land for the construction of recreational centres was also on the agenda.

“About 90% of the land in Mansa district is under customary ownership and we’re working in this regard, to ensure that the council plays a centre role in development of the district by giving professional advice to the traditional leaders and other land owners on how best the land can be utilised in order to create and sustain value addition” the mayor said.

He said these recent and ongoing developments represent significant progress in the journey towards transforming Mansa into a place that guarantees a better livelihood for all.

“We continue to work hard and will most definitely keep you updated on any progress made” Mr. Musuku assured.

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