Secretary to the Treasury Felix NkulukusaSecretary to the Treasury Felix Nkulukusa
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Secretary to the Treasury Felix Nkulukusa has disclosed that the Treasury has today released K1.284 billion of which K960 million is for outstanding payments to farmers under the 2020/2021 farming season, and K324 million is the 2022 first quarter operational support fund for public schools aimed at facilitating the implementation of free education for all learners at early childhood, primary, and secondary education levels.

“As Treasury, we can confidently say, with the release of the latter (K324 million), concrete steps towards free education – aimed at abolishing tuition, Parent Teachers Association, and examination fees that learners used to pay in public schools, are now in motion,” Mr. Nkulukusa said.

He said to reiterate the announcement by the Minister of Finance and National Planning during the presentation of the 2022 National Budget, the fees charged at public early childhood and secondary schools for a child to be allowed to attend class have been done away with Free educational services are already provided for learners at primary school level.

“To this end, grants from the Government to public schools have been increased to meet the operational costs that were previously financed by the abolished fees,” He explained.

He said the funds will be paid directly to the bank account of each individual school, country-wide, to ensure that proper operational arrangements are made before the opening of schools for the first term of 2022.

Mr. Nkulukusa said Bursaries for vulnerable leaners; to be allocated through the Constituency Development Fund, will also be released as soon as the guidelines are completed and approved by relevant authorities.

“We take this opportunity to state that the Treasury has also commenced capacity building programmes on public resource management,” He stated.

He noted that the first target are the teaching staff, country-wide, who are being oriented on the handling of the operational support fund for public schools, to ensure that there is prudence in the management of the increased resources.

He said concerning the funds for farmers, government has urge the competent authority in charge to ensure that a fair and transparent payment system is deployed so that the hardships experienced by the farmers due to delayed payments, are not prolonged.

” With the release of the K960 million, outstanding payments to farmers for the 2020/2021 season have now reduced by 59% from K1.63 billion to K670 million,” He said.

He added that government’s target is to dismantle the whole outstanding amount as soon as possible.

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