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A United Party for National Development (UPND) official has appealed to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate the USD 273 million digital migration deal and the awarding of the contract to star times of China.

UPND presidential campaign team member Beene Hachoombwa said Zambians wanted to know how Top Star was single sourced to handle digital migration when the Government had a procedure for awarding contracts.

He said when he and his counterpart Alex Bwalya petitioned the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Hachoombwa said citizens were demanding for a review on how Star Times arrived at obtaining a 60 per cent shares leaving Zambians with only 40 per cent while making itself a monopoly of content carrier and signal distribution.

“We as Zambians we have trust and confidence in this office so we will be expecting feedback in the 20 days failure to which we will re-visit the commission to chat the way forward,” Mr. Hachoombwa said.

He also demanded for a breakdown of the USD 273 million loan which was being serviced by Zambians and it was utilized in the digital migration deal.

And Mr. Hachoombwa requested the ACC to give a stage update on the alleged purchase of a named bank together with its assets by a former Lusaka councilor at the cost of K 300 million.

He wondered why the Commission had remained quite on the matter starting that him like many other Zambians remained interested in finding out how a civil leader who only gets K 3, 000 as monthly allowance would manage to purchase a bank worth K 300 million.

Mr. Hachoombwa also requested the commission to investigate the purchase of 1,000 bicycles in 2019 for the Zambia Police Service at the cost of USD 700,000.

“Accordingly we demand accountability of each bicycle per location and the procedure that was used during the tender process,” he said.

And Mr. Bwalya appealed to the ACC to ensure matters presented to them were investigated expeditiously so that citizens can know the truth.


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