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United Party for National Development (UPND)Arts and Cultural Department Chairperson Sibote Sibote says his team will undertake a countrywide audit land use and allocation.

Meanwhile, Special Advisor to UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema, William Banda is backing reversal of allocation of land in Forest 27 in Lusaka.

During a Press Briefing in Lusaka, Mr. Sibote reiterated that the UPND Alliance Government will embrace all traditional leaders in Zambia.

“What makes us as the people of this country is diversity of this vast country.
We shall endeavor to consult all traditional leaders of this country. Due to various reasons now as a party in government it is our agenda to embrace the traditional leaders in Zambia,” noted Sibote.

Mr. Sibote reiterated a need to engage in production through traditional land and abundant mineral resources utilisation, as failure to maximise thus potential, citizens will remain poor.

“The UPND Alliance will not impose chiefs on the throne. The party will ensure that the people in the chiefdoms are in charge of this traditional leadership selection responsibility and no political manipulation is envisaged. This has affected development causing acrimony and challenges. Our aim is to be inclusive and we shall always consult and embrace and visit how land is allocated in our republic huge chunks of land have been allocated to dubious investors. We want to engage our traditional leadership and working with house of chiefs. We want to call upon our traditional leaders who mean well help the government to fight this scourge of corruption,” assured Sibote.

On his part, Mr. Banda said given authority, he would not hesitate to demolish structures built in Forest 27.
Citing several pieces of land in Lusaka, Banda protested that no ordinary citizens has built a house on mentioned land.

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