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Various stakeholders have condemned the move by UPND to set up political branches in markets and bus stops.

Provincial chairman Obvious Mwaliteta has disclosed that the ruling party will go ahead to create political structures in all the markets.

This is contrary to what President Hichilema said, indicating that no cadres will be allowed in markets.

But Mr. Mwaliteta explained that the structures will not interfere in the operations of councils as far as collection of levies is concerned.

But social activist, Laura Miti has reacted via twitter questioning the rationale behind the move.

She has questioned in what capacity the UPND will maintain law and order in those public institutions, and asked if the move is for purposes of introducing new political thugs.

“No way UPND, ivo simuzachita!” she said in her tweet.

Meanwhile, those talked to in Kamwala market by  New Zambia have said the move will take the markets back to the same problematic issues which was under the past government.

They said the decision should just be reversed so that sanity can be restored in the markets and other public places.

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