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President Hakainde Hichilema’s maiden speech in parliament has attracted mixed reactions from Zambians on social media.

Majority of them, have described the speech as refreshing and inspiring, with hope to see how the new government will change their welfare as pronounced by the head of state.

Zero tolerance to corruption, restoring integrity in the public service, ending thuggery behaviour or cadrerism, providing affordable cost of living, taking back autonomy to the local authority among others as promised by President Hichilema, has caused people to heap praises on him, with others questioning where the president has been all this time.

“Where we’re you Mr. President all these years. We love you our president” commented Tulipo Mwenifumbo, while Kennedy Kamwanga said the “President needs the Cooperation and progressive support of all well-meaning Zambians in order to move forward together as one Zambia One Nation”.

Zambians have also called on the new government to ensure there are improved conditions of service so that workers can feel empowered and be able to sustain their livelihoods

“I think better conditions of work should also be considered. Minimum wage should at least be put a K2000” Yotam Obedience Sikanyika said.

“I feel very hopeful especially on the recruitment and deployment in all sectors, now no human resource manager will ask me to pay a 10 pin just to be deployed… please Bally continue repeating madam speaker that’s emphasis” Violet Phiri wrote.

Others have however expressed worry about lack of clarity on the free education promise from primary to university, saying that they feel the president has not met their expectations on the matter.

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