Zambians will remember the PFZambians will remember the PF
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Patriotic Front vice president Given Lubinda has claimed that soon Zambians will remember the former ruling party for taking development across the country.

Mr. Lubinda says this is because the UPND government has not shown any signs of fulfilling their campaign promises.

He charged that since taking over government, the new dawn government has been backtracking on its campaign promises.

He cited the recent pronouncement by Finance minister Situmbeko Musokotwane in Parliament on a wage freeze for civil servants, the free education policy as some of the promises that will not be fulfilled.

“So many promises where made, but I can assure the Zambian people that non of them will be fulfilled, which will now result into the Zambian people remembering the PF,” said Mr. Lubinda.

He was speaking when he drummed up support for Wamunyima Likando the PF candidate in the Kalilele local government by-election slated for October 21 in Kingovwa area of Mushindamo district.

He stated that going by the number of lies, the UPND may be a one term party.

And Mr. Lubinda has charged that plans by the ruling party to destroy the former ruling party will not work but will live on until it unseats the UPND in 2026.

He said the PF will not die because its case is different from the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and the United National Independence Party (UNIP) as the two political parties where a liberation movement and not an opposition parties he said.

He explained that the PF was formed in 2001 and formed Government after ten years and has gone back into opposition.

“And It was God’s will that PF has gone in opposition once again and it was done so that people appreciate that PF is the only progressive party,” he stated.

He charged that UPND will be a one term party because in 2026 Zambians will remember PF as a party that brought development and will realize that the UPND are liars.


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