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Zambia National Marketers Credit Association ZANAMACA has urged the newly appointed Minister of Local government Garry Nkombo to concentrate on the market infrastructure development, to build markets as many of them almost 70% are dilapidated and requires a new face.

Speaking at the media briefing in Lusaka today ZANAMACA president Mupila Kameya said the association need double storey market structures to be constructed at every Provincial center to accommodate the huge population of marketeers in the country.

“The informal sector in Zambia is one of the most organized and accommodates all firms in society, and remains the engine of the country’s economy, it has more than 3 million 7 hundred marketeers and traders, and once the markets, it will help to reduce street vending as witnessed now,” Mr. Kameya has said.

He said the removal of cadres from the markets and bus stations across the country by President Hakainde Hichilema has created a very conducive environment to attract investment.

He notes that there is need for much investment in the markets through provision of financial accessibility and soft loans to marketeers.

“There is need for much investment in the markets through provision of financial accessibility and soft loans to the marketeers and this can be done through working with strategic market association such as the Zambia national Marketeers on matters to do with marketeers and traders,” He noted.

He has also called upon president Hakainde Hichilema to allow the ministry of local government handle empowerment funds as over the years no marketeer has benefited prudently.

Mr. Kimaye has further thanked government for introducing the ministry of small and medium enterprise which will help to develop the informal sector businesses to support the youths, schools leavers and the employed who some of them find themselves in markets.

He has also thanked the government for introducing the ministry of technology and science as this will enhance the operationalization of the information sector.

“We would also partner with ministry of local government to ensure that all persons with disabilities are included in most activities and have access to stands in the markets,” He said

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