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The directive to have car dealers relocated from the central business district has unsettled them, with a call for government to rescind its decision.

Car dealers have cried foul and say the feel betrayed by a move which might disadvantage them and destabilise their income.

New Zambia has established through random interviews with car dealers that the move has not been received well.

According to resolutions from yesterday’s stakeholders meeting between the Ministry of local government and other stakeholders, government directed that all car dealers and mechanics repairing vehicles in the town should relocate to designated places.

“This is a shift from our expectations of creating support for us who are struggling to make ends meet” said James Lungu.

He said what should be done is to find an alternative place within town as opposed to taking them away from business activity.

Tom, who preferred to be called by his first name has since called on government to rethink the decision in the interest of those people who are trying to make it in the midst of joblessness.

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